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Online Ads

We all know about online ads. You can find them on just about every website, and they're super difficult to ignore. But have you ever thought about why they're everywhere–or how they seem to know what you're thinking? Read on to learn more.

What are these ads I am seeing EVERYWHERE?

Online advertising is one way in which marketing messages can be delivered to mass audiences via the Internet. When you visit any website, chances are you will be bombarded with ads in small boxes, long rectangles and even the pop-up kind you are forced to view and get rid of before you can continue. They can be a major distraction and impede your Internet experience if you are trying to read an article or search for a product. Advertisers have a master plan and that is to find out more about you so they can serve up ads catered to your interests. How do they do this? Read on. We think you’ll want to know the details.

What actually happens when you use browse the Internet?

The Internet may seem like a free tool but your freedom comes at a huge cost: your privacy. Advertising companies are most interested in collecting your searching and browsing history. A website you visit typically tags your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome, for example) with a tiny text file called a cookie. A tracking cookie sees the page you are currently viewing and the previous page. Armed with this information, advertisers compile it into categories which help them show you ads that are more relevant to you based upon your online behavior. This is is called targeted advertising and it can get a little creepy. Those fancy shoes you searched for last night online? Well, look at that—there they are in a big advertisement today on a different website you visit. Did you give permission to be tracked? We didn’t think so.

How do I stop these ads and keep cookies from tracking me?

We think you’ll like this: the Blindcut browser has ad and cookie blocking filters built right into the browser. You do not need to buy another service to add into your existing browser. You can turn on the blocking with the touch of a button and see how many ads/cookies are being blocked the second you visit a website. Go ahead—give it a try. You’ll be amazed at how many ads are blocked on popular news sites, for example. Blindcut is fast! Why? Because we are blocking all the ads and cookies so now the information you seek is delivered lickety split without the layers of ads and cookies slowing it down across the Internet to your computer.

Get the most comprehensive privacy solution on the web. Get Blindcut