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VPN: The Virtual Private Network

Wondering how Blindcut is able to protect your identity and data while you browse? Learn more about how we use VPN technology to stop websites from tracking you.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a private network connection to the internet. People using a virtual private network connect with a unique ID and password and their internet traffic is encrypted. Think of a VPN as a network within a network where your Internet behavior is going through an encrypted tunnel. 

Whyvpn Infographic 5

What happens when you use the Internet without a VPN?

Similar to when you use the Internet without a proxy, using the Internet without the protection of a VPN allows your website visits, your geographic location, basic search terms you used and any movement on a website (typing, mouse movement, links clicked, how long you were idle and when you left the page) to be openly tracked and collected. Large ad networks, such as DoubleClick, can even tell what other sites you have visited. Once ad companies have enough information about your behavior and purchasing habits (it doesn’t take much!), you’ve been profiled enough to have specific ads tailored to you and your lifestyle. Major websites work with Google and/or implement other analytic tools to study the pages you visit to gather whatever information they can about you.

So how does Blindcut's VPN work?

When you use the Blindcut browser, your online behavior cannot be viewed by your ISP (Internet service provider) because Blindcut uses an integrated VPN along with our proxies to keep your information out of the hands of your ISP and any websites you visit.

While the proxies provide a layer of anonymity by changing your actual location to that of the proxy server (New York, California, Amsterdam, etc), the VPN service encrypts anything you do online while in a private tunnel which cannot be intercepted or tracked by the websites you visit.

By using a Blindcut proxy and VPN, you are creating a layer of privacy around you by not allowing companies to track your online habits, your purchasing behavior and searches you perform. Ads cannot be tailored and directed at you because you cannot be data profiled when using a proxy and/or a VPN.

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