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Introducing the Blindcut private browser

When you sign up for Blindcut, you get instant access to download our browser—for all of your devices. Available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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Browsing the web on a VPN means no more creepy marketers tracking where you go, or selling info about you.

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Our built-in ad blocker not only clears out ad clutter, it makes websites load wicked fast.

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Peace of Mind

Use Blindcut the same way you'd use any other browser—there's nothing to configure, you get privacy and speed from the moment you launch the browser.

The most comprehensive privacy solution on the Internet

We’ve built Blindcut to give you the most comprehensive and effortless browsing experience. Take control of your privacy by using Blindcut’s robust blocking tools and our integrated VPN. You even have the ability to create your own whitelist and change your ISP location. Now you and your whole family can browse the web quickly and safely with ease. 

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Whitelist ads you don't mind seeing

Ads aren't always all that bad. That's why Blindcut gives you an easy way to let some ads show, while blocking all the rest.

Build a custom favorites list

We may not keep track of which websites you visit, but we make it easy for you to remember your favorites. Don't worry, you're the only one who can see this list.

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Get Blindcut, Get Peace of Mind Surf the internet faster, cleaner, and with anonymity. Blindcut is the only one-stop privacy solution you need. Oh Captain, my Captain!