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The "free Internet" isn't free

Have you ever thought about why you don't have to pay for access to most websites? Generally, it's because these websites make their money in other ways—usually through ads, or selling their users' personal data. We think that's a problem—so we're doing something about it.

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You shouldn't have to give up your privacy online

We believe every Internet user deserves the ability to decide who to give up their personal information to, and when. So we created a service that keeps your personal data private, while giving you more freedom—all without having to worry about complicated technology.

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We will never analyze, sell, or save your data. Period.

The only one-stop privacy solution on the web

Until now, if you wanted to protect your identity online you would need to configure multiple privacy solutions. We think you shouldn't have to build your own privacy solution. That's why we've included all the privacy services you need, without any complicated configurations or setup.

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